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The resulting political crisis ended with a coalition government, with Lloyd George as Minister of Munitions.

At the beginning of the war, shells were filled with Lyddite, but this needed imported raw materials.

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In August 1915, the 8th Viscount Chetwynd, an engineer, was tasked with building a factory to fill large shells with Amatol. It had good transport links, but a shortage of skilled workers necessitated an appeal for women, despite Chetwynds view that this was no job for a woman.The Grand Western Canal was originally part of another ambitious scheme to cross the peninsula.Today the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal and the summit level and Tiverton arm are popular attractions.In 1793 the City approved a massive scheme to dig The New Cut, including the Cumberland and Bathurst Basins, Feeder Canal and Netham Dam, thus creating the Floating Harbour.Now tide-locked without an ebb and flow, there was soon a need to remove the River Fromes polluted waters.

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