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"In 2011, that was more about system-to-system integration.Now, it's about building apps where you can control the user interface and have access to our libraries." Another key generational difference is the older platform relied on SOAP technology for data exchange, whereas the new Workday Paa S is built atop thoroughly modern REST technology, Beck said."We'll spin up dedicated environments for developers," Beck said."The act of getting a Workday environment, historically, was reasonably challenging.If a Saa S speed bump exists, it is the need to customize those offerings to fit each organization's unique methods, whether it is Salesforce for sales force automation, Concur for travel and expense reporting, Slack for collaboration or Workday for HCM.

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For instance, a 2010 review of Instagram is now irrelevant because the app has changed so much.9 to 12 in Chicago, is the company's customer and partner conference.A European counterpart is scheduled for Barcelona, Spain, in November.This Workday Paa S has been a long time coming." A Workday Paa S should come as good news to businesses considering a revamp of their legacy HCM environments.As enterprises work to reduce their reliance on legacy applications developed in-house, the value of specialized, subscription cloud-based software-as-a-service (Saa S) offerings rises.

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