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Technology development, design, manufacture and supply of equipment and chemical products for innovative environmental projects in the metallurgical, mining and coke industry, enterprises for the preparation of drinking water 1. Electric transport Vehicles of a special purpose Climatic systems Materials for electronics Polymeric industry Low-power electric motors Equipment of a special purpose Services in financial leasing, operative leasing (lease) «Electrontrans» JV is an enterprise of a full-scale production, specializing in design and production of modern urban electric transport – trams, trolleybuses, electric buses; city buses; units and spare parts.Production, testing, operation of the launch vehicles, the space crafts and their components, the ground infrastructure and its components, equipment, comprising the space segment of the satellite system. Aviation engineering (the manufacture of the landing gears for the airplanes An 140/148/158/178). Agricultural engineering (the manufacture of the tractors with traction class 1.4 and spare parts to them). «Electron Mash» plant is an up-to-date enterprise of «Electron» engineering corporation, which specializes on production of special off-road all-wheel drive vehicles – trucks of multifunctional purpose, used in public services, and ambulances.Tuttavia lui ha compreso che le capacità naturali andavano bene, ma il vocalista necessita di una scuola professionale. Jaroslav ha trovato l’insegnante dell’arte vocale Volodymyr Buchel. Nel 1979 Jaroslav diventa il diplomando del concorso «Z pisneyu po zhytti» (Con la canzone per la vita). Brewing cold tea is one of the easiest methods of making that perfectly delicious and chilled cuppa.Don’t fuss with water temperature or brewing times, your tea will never be over-brewed and bitter! Step 1: Add loose-leaf tea and water into a pitcher (check serving recommendations – If you want more flavour add more loose-leaf tea) Step 2: Allow the tea to infuse in the pitcher for 6-10 hours in the fridge (the longer you allow the tea to brew the more flavours and caffeine will be extracted from the leaves) Step 3: Pour your delicious cold brewed tea into your cup (through an infuser if the pitcher doesn’t have something to catch the leaves) Step 4: Enjoy!«Spheros-Electron» JV is the only in Ukraine manufacturer of climatic systems for vehicles: heaters of different types for buses, commercial vehicles and trucks, constructional and special engineering vehicles.Also the company offers to the vehicles manufacturers air-conditioners, electromechanical and mechanical hatches for all types of city and tourist buses, receivers for transport vehicles pneumatic and brake systems, fuel tanks of different dimension types and capacity, steering columns.

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M/ Borovskogo (Industrialna),28 Odesa,65031, Ukraine (38048)738-63-90 (38048)738-63-91 E-mail: [email protected] corporation of industrial and commercial enterprises "SOYUZ" specializes in "turnkey projects in the energy industry and offers its customers complex solutions in constructing of unified systems for energy supplying, including the reconstruction and construction of new facilities and all the necessary energy infrastructure The “SOYUZ” corporation is certified by ISO 9001: 2008.

Contribuisci a correggerla secondo le convenzioni della lingua italiana e del manuale di stile di Wikipedia. Questa voce o sezione sull'argomento musica non è ancora formattata secondo gli standard. Sua madre Anastasiya Kharytonivna Ocheretovych già all'età di diciannove anni, dopo aver subito le repressioni politiche, è finita in carcere di Rivne dove è anche nato il cantante di fama mondiale.

Contribuisci a migliorarla secondo le convenzioni di Wikipedia. Salvare il figlio dalla fame in quei tempi terribili la ha aiutata la compagna di cella Zina, la moglie dell'eroe di guerra, che aveva allattato il suo bambino e Yaroslav.

Technology development, design, manufacture and supply of equipment and chemical products for innovative environmental projects in the metallurgical, mining and coke industry, enterprises for the preparation of drinking water The wide range of services rendered by DCCI is aimed to the improvement of competitiveness of the regional manufacturers, the search of possibilities to enter the national and word markets and to attract investments. - Manufacture of functional food product brand «Solena»: table salt with low-sodium enriched potassium, organic iodine, magnesium, selenium, zinc, chromium in the citrate form and other trace elements.

These services include rendering of foreign economic consultations, bar coding, skilled translations, carrying out of examination, certification and declaration, informational support. Casting (ferrous casting, nonferrous and art casting). - Production of plant growth regulators containing 19 macro- and microelements 29.10 Production of motor vehicles (main activity); 45.11 Sales of cars and passenger vehicles; 45.19 Sales of other vehicles; 45.20 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles; 85.32 Vocational and technical education; 52.29 Other supplementary activities in the area of transport; 56.21 Supply of ready meals for events; 56.29 Supply of other ready meals Association ” Kyiv ” – today it is non-political, non-commercial, non-profit , voluntary association of public enterprises, institutions and organizations united to coordinate activities and mutual cooperation in scientific, industrial – economic and social areas , deepening specialization and cooperation , creation of conditions for free choice of ownership entities, their equitable operation of free competition, the creation of appropriate conditions and external organizational – economic structures based on the association of their intellectual labor of financial and material resources, to protect the interests of the business community and members Association.

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