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Instead they streamed their wedding(which was actually sweet) and cornered themselves into this unrealistic couple that they are clearly not. Acceptance from two groups that will dump them at the drop of a hat? I wonder how they got to become friends with them...I once chatted with one of them who I found on F4F and I mentioned that I had seen him in some of Will and Rj's videos.Mark and Ethan did a video after the Orlando attacks in which they basically said "Yeah, we're not really talking about what happened because it is our role to be positive. He's a video of me spanking Ethan's ass"Some of their own fans are speaking out against them and saying they are coming off as selfish gays who just like to talk about themselves. They are two naive kids from explicitly upper middle class/ lower upper class families who come off as living in gilded little bubble of happiness and like to make everything all about them. People have said he is into the video's much less than Mark is and Mark seems to push publicizing their relationship and vlog much more.Remember, Mark got his start by doing videos asking people if they thought he was gay or not. In fact Mark is now trying to defend himself and saying "I'm very confused by the hate..Ethan and I don't need the pressure of not 'selling out' to add to all the chaos of moving / our transition. If you choose to 'unsub', please be respectful and do it quietly, no need to comment your final words.However, if you choose to stay with us, know that it's not where we are, but it's what we are doing. When you open yourself up on Youtube and put your life on display, you also open yourself up to criticism.If only Will/RJ hadn't boxed themselves into such a cliche. Oh well, they threw gay men and liberal women under the bus for some broken SJW cause. Actually, he's always so raunchy that you can tell he would showed dick in his videos if he could.

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What would have been so wrong about about being honest? It actually redeems him *only a little bit* in my book. Will and Rj have so many friends from the gay porn industry.

R111 unless it's a different comment, it's still there for me - sounds quite entitled to - if you're going just go silently, basically only wanting positive feedback[QUOTE]I'm very confused by the hate..

especially this week when hate is the last thing we need.

I'm seeing other comments are saying Ethan seems annoyed with Mark in the videos lately. Those users need to back off and let Mark and Ethan do their vlog. They only want to recreate the illusion of their expectations, which is of course false.

Some of those other youtubers making mourning videos are so fake and are just using this tragedy as a way to get viewers. You cannot be the example "to be" to your followers. If they stay grounded, LA's vibe shouldn't be a problem.

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