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The cult - first exposed by the Daily Mail in 1994 - still exists.

While their father, the son of a British Army officer, is still in the cult, the three sisters have escaped its clutches.

My mother Rebecca was born in 1957 and had a secure upbringing in the south of England.

Her father was a civil engineer and her mother a devoted housewife.

Rebecca was recruited during a visit to her school by the Children of God when she was just 16, and married our father a year later in 1974.

I was born on January 29, 1975, and we were sent to join a commune in Bombay which was part of the cult, and where my sister Kristina was born 18 months later.

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The pain was so excruciating, I could barely move my wrist for a week."But I insisted on keeping you," Dad would tell me, "you're my girl."I was just three years old when my mum left.When I was five, my father announced that he had fallen for our young German nanny Serena, who became my stepmother.But my parents - a former public schoolboy and rather naive young teenage girl - were members of the sinister Children of God cult, in which adult orgies and sex between adults and children were considered the highest expression of love. My father, Christopher Jones, was born in December 1951, the son of a British Army officer.Sickeningly, the cult leader David Berg, or 'Mo' as he called himself, claimed that God intended everyone to become part of a sexual experience. Educated at public school in Cheltenham, he studied drama at Rose Bruford College and joined the Children of God in 1973.

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