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Arrive at the village of Beersel, the beating heart of Lambic Land for a visit to the excellent Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen and a tour* and lambic tasting* by the master-brewer and great bloke, Armand de Belder.Lunch at the world famous 3Fonteinen Restaurant in the traditional heartland lambic town, Beersel.He has also invited French brewer Brasserie Du Mont Salève and wonderful Wallonian brewer Brasserie Artisanale de Rulles.We will of course be able to try Pierre’s fabulous Geuze, Kriek and other blended lambics, look out for his Alsatian Purple Plums.Arrive at the most southerly and newest member of the Lambic blenders and brewers, Tilquin in Bierghes (Rebecq).Pierre Tilquin is holding a special Beer Festival at his blendery the day before the Toer de Gueze, the Festival de Bières Anglaises, English Beer Festival and he has invited over seven of the most innovative British breweries, being Kernel, Thornbridge, Burning Sky, Siren Craft Brew, Magic Rock, Brew By Numbers and Partizan.Here we will have our pre-booked beer cuisine lunch and a chance to sample some of the beers of 3Fonteinen brewery uniquely on draught here.

It’s big business and the Belgians are known to take their beers incredibly seriously, so why not get in on the action and see what all the fuss is about?

Variety Belgian beer ranges from pale lager styles to lambic beers, seasonal varieties and rich Flemish reds with strong beers being common, so there’s something for every taste bud going.

The majority of Belgian beers are sold in tinted Vichy-style glass bottles to protect the nectar from the effects of sunlight, whilst those available on draught tend to be of the pale lager variety. It’s estimated that there’s somewhere in the region of 700 different types of beer to choose from in the country with it exporting 60% of its creations, and that means you can enjoy authentic Belgian beer right here in the UK.

Over the five days of the Tour we will endeavour to visit Belgium’s lambic brewers and blenders: We also aim to visit the best of the specialised lambic cafes of Lambic Land.

By popular demand this Tour is based at the newly refurbished four star Hotel Keizershof in the centre of Aalst.

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