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READ MORE Everyone loved him and his antics—the parties spilled out into the street—and an odd thing happened: Teens and pre-teens, instead of finding Tommy’s antics foolish, began to imitate him, but on their own terms.Pretty soon, Tommy had enlisted a bunch of them in his own “Clown Academy,” instructing them on how to do parties themselves.READ MORE Photographer David La Chapelle's Rize is a visual miracle; he hits the L. ghettos to film the krumping dance phenom and scores an unexpected knockout as social history. The kinky sex in Marcos Siega's Pretty Persuasion, in which Evan Rachel Wood plays a fifteen-year-old who goes down on a nerdy boy and a lesbian TV reporter (Jane Krakowski) to help her sexual-harassment case against a teacher.Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette's The Aristocrats features more than 100 comics telling the same gross joke. READ MORE Having achieved success as a photographer, music video and commercials director and as director and designer of Elton John's "The Red Piano" show at Caesars Palace, La Chapelle now reveals he has the documentary filmmaker's gift for charting the evolution of a new form of artistic expression as a way of illuminating an entire world, that of South-Central Los Angeles, where people of goodwill continue to form a warm, mutually supportive community in the face of the omnipresent dangers of drive-by gang shootings.READ MORE "Rize" is the rare documentary that plays as breaking news. Yet until this movie was made by Vanity Fair photographer David La Chapelle, it was a phenomenon that existed below the radar of the media.

READ MORE Rize is an expansion of La Chapelle’s previous Sundance foray, his short "Krumped,” which earned an honorable mention nod last year, and continues an extremely unlikely union between one of Vanity Fairs top photographers and poor kids in the ghetto.READ MORE There's a great documentary called "Rize," directed by the fashion style photographer David La Chapelle, about inner-city kids in South Central LA who turn away from violence and turn towards dance, and have these astonishing dance competitions that essentially work as a kind of a de facto cultural underground.You've got to really know where to go to find these places out.For Johnson, it is more than an aesthetic pastime: In an area besieged by drive-by shootings, drug deals and unemployment, clowning is his way of offering an optimistic alternative for youngsters, a means of self-expression and a chance to channel positive energy.READ MORE As long as it showcases the art of krump, underscoring the dancers with ominous hip-hop beats, Rize is such a vibrant eruption of motion and attitude that you can forgive the film for being disorganized and too skimpy on street-dance history.

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