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That also means it runs before any malware processes load, so the malware is defenseless.

If you feel that you still have a malware problem after a regular scan, give the offline scan a try.

Security experts at AV-Test Institute rate antivirus programs on three criteria, Protection, Performance, and Usability.

The antivirus can earn up to six points for each of these.

I'm not terribly concerned that Windows Defender failed both tests from MRG-Effitas.

In this lab's tests, a product either achieves a near-perfect score or it fails.

However, there are many free antivirus utilities that offer better protection, and commercial ones that are better still.

Those that do more than the minimum can rate Advanced or Advanced . In those, Windows Defender got two Standard and two Advanced certifications.

Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Avira earned Advanced ratings in all four tests.

When I tried to extract all the files, Windows Defender shut down the whole operation on detection of one malware sample.

I had to drag each item from the ZIP file to a local folder, and deal with Windows Defender's reaction.

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