Dating Dortmund

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In a press conference later on Thursday, city officials said fire safety measures in the building, referred to as "Hannibal 2," were significantly lacking.Authorities cited "a lack of fire safety in the underground parking garage" and "no emergency escape routes" as reasons for the evacuation.After a one-month absence, the Bundesliga is set to kick off its second half.While the title race looks all but over, there's plenty of intrigue elsewhere.Firefighters in the German city of Dortmund have ordered the evacuation of a high-rise apartment building for "fire safety reasons." The evacuation of the complex's 800 inhabitants was described as "unavoidable." Dortmund's fire department said on Thursday that a large apartment complex needed to be evacuated immediately for "unavoidable" security reasons.The evacuation was ordered due to "irrefutable fire safety reasons" in order to "protect the lives of residents," the city said in a statement.

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"I would give away everything I have earned just to be healthy again and to do my job, to do what I love: playing fooball!City officials told reporters around 800 tenants in 450 apartments need to leave the large apartment complex on Thursday.They added that it was uncertain when the residents would be allowed to return to their apartments."There are four or five teams abroad which I find attractive - that's obvious," he said."I turn 30 on so that will be my last big contract and my last chance to try out something different.

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