Cameroon law homosexuality

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“My first Pride parade is one of the best memories I’m going to keep for all my life,” he says.

“To see a million people in the streets and a mix of gay, lesbian, trans, queer and heterosexual together and happy and having fun – I don’t have a word to describe that feeling.” Today, Tchante stays connected to Alternatives Cameroun by providing help via email and counseling sessions via skype.

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“It’s really difficult to be an activist because you know you are going to be persecuted.

But when you see all the problems that the LGBT community has you have to help because somebody needs to do it.” According to Amnesty International, Cameroon is one of 38 African nations where homosexuality is illegal.

In the Central African nation, homosexuality is widely stigmatized and citizens are often arrested, charged and sentenced without a single piece of evidence.

is a documentary that tells the story of Tchante and three other young, gay Cameroonians forced to hide in a country that refuses to accept them.

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