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The always perfectly put together with her hair and makeup done before the rest of the family was even out of bed?

The woman who cooked three square meals a day, kept the house spotless, baked cookies and never complained? Well God Bless her, but she’s definitely in the minority these days.

Whether continuing their career or taking time off to raise their children, these woman have all shown that being a mother doesn’t mean you have to give up being sexy.Seal and Heidi have three biological children together; son Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu (born in September of 2005), son Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo (born in November of 2006), and daughter Lou Sulola (born in October of 2009). Sure the beginning of her relationship with now husband, Tom, wasn’t really the most honorable, but things seem to have worked out nicely.She fills the role of step-mother and mother without having lost that spark that made her such a unique person to begin with.Let’s take a look at the twenty sexiest mothers in Hollywood (in no particular order).Brooke had her first child, daughter Neriah, in 2000 with Garth Fisher.

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