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The UDA backed the DUP in this election by issuing a statement in support of the party’s South Belfast candidate Emma Little Pengelly, “strongly urging” people to back her.

The news drew sharp criticism from political opponents, including former Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford, who said: “Arlene Foster needs to make clear if her party accepts an endorsement by a group closely connected to the UDA.

In February 2002 R&SA set aside £384 million to double its reserves available for asbestos claims which, combined with claims of £215 million arising from the 11 September attacks, wiped out its 2001 profits.

The situation was further compounded by R&SA having to reserve £1.2 billion against liabilities for guaranteed annuities, the product which caused the collapse of Equitable Life, and was also facing a fine from the Financial Services Authority for failure to meet the deadline in the pension mis-selling review.

After a disastrous election for Theresa May in which her gamble failed to secure the majority she sought, the obscure Northern Irish party’s support is now required for her to enter No 10.

R&SA responded that asbestos-related injury was excluded from the policy because it was a risk the company was not willing to underwrite, that Turner & Newall was instead self-insured against asbestosis and should therefore be responsible for any compensation.

Its UK registered office is 20 Fenchurch St, London.

Other key UK offices are located in Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Chelmsford, Glasgow, Cardiff, Sunderland, Belfast, Peterborough, Halifax, Birmingham, and Horsham.

RSA, including its More Th RSA owns the More Than direct car, home, pet and travel insurance brand in the United Kingdom, recognised widely for its former Lucky The Dog advertisements and its "MORE IS ..." campaign.

More Than also sells van, business car, shops and offices and business insurance through its More Than Business operation.

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