Alcohol tax stamp dating

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Such items include tobacco products; alcohol; drugs and medicines; hunting licenses; firearm registrations; and even playing cards.Tax stamps have a long history, dating back as early as the 18th century and, in fact, pre-date postage stamps by more than 50 years.That means that, taste for taste, drinking something vintage doesn’t mean enjoying the best possible dram. On the whiskey front, they showcase several pre-Prohibition bottlings, and a range of others made shortly after its repeal.“A large part of it is that there’s some background work you have to do,” explains Fetherston, on building that vintage lineup.

As countries continue to lose billions of dollars worldwide due to counterfeit activity, the need for new sophisticated security features in tax stamps and the technology used to authenticate them will continue to grow. Contact us via phone: 412-241-7335 or email: [email protected] any time with general questions. Officials in Hungary have incorporated a new datamatrix two-dimensional barcode to be included with a hologram, security fibers and microtext security features, already included on the country’s cigarette and alcohol tax stamps.The new barcode will allow authorities to track the stamps throughout their supply chain, to ensure that the products get to their desired destination.Additionally, over 100,000 other counterfeit tax stamp related offenses were uncovered throughout that year in Russia, accounting for over 10 billion rubles (0 million) in lost revenue.Due to the potential high value of some tax stamps and increasing technology available for counterfeiters to duplicate tax stamps, many countries have implanted security devices and added stiff penalties in an attempt to prevent counterfeiting of tax stamps and the selling of untaxed products.

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